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Women With Books Podcast

Nov 6, 2017

Who: Bestselling smart romance author Penny Reid

Topics Discussed: smart romance, writing books on a bet, research, rugby, hookers, newsletter books, Puerto Rico hurricane relief, classic Russian literature, Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants, Nobody Looks Good Naked, getting reader feedback, fanfiction, Christmas stories, giving readers what they ask for, Easter eggs, re-reading books, Tennessee, Winston Brothers, creating covers, Happy Valley community center, Roscoe, Cletus, the inspiration for Jennifer, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, research about OCD, which character is based on Penny (!?), erotica, flawed characters, Star Trek Voyager, Loki, sacred yarn

Authors/ Books Discussed:

The Hooker and the Hermit - Penny Reid Amazon || iBooks

Kissing Tolstoy - Penny Reid Amazon | | iBooks

Beard in Mind - Penny Reid Amazon | | iBooks

Beard Science - Penny Reid Amazon | | iBooks

Truth or Beard - Penny Reid Amazon | | iBooks

A Different Blue - Amy Harmon Amazon | | iBooks

Making Faces - Amy Harmon Amazon | | iBooks

A Song of David - Amy Harmon Amazon | |

The Bird and the Sword - Amy Harmon Amazon | | iBooks

The Queen and the Cure - Amy Harmon Amazon | | iBooks

Basically all the Amy Harmon books!

King of Code - C.D. Reiss Amazon | | iBooks

The Marriage Games - C.D. Reiss Amazon | | iBooks

Separation Games - C.D. Reiss Amazon | | iBooks

David Sedaris Amazon | | iBooks

"Yarn is sacred."

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